Installing album

album can be installed with the following instructions:


  • a Conda installation, i.e. Miniconda

  • we highly recommend that you install Mamba in your base environment - currently Album will use Mamba for installing environments and fall back to Conda if Mamba is not available, but we might fully switch to Mamba in the future to enhance reproducibility. This is how you install Mamba:

conda install -n base mamba -c conda-forge

Install the album conda environment:

For the most recently released album version, run this command:

conda env create -f

In order to install a specific fixed version, run this command (replace v0.2.0 with the version of choice):

conda env create -f

Activate the environment:

conda activate album

Windows notes

After installing Conda, the Conda command is not found. Use the Anaconda Command Prompt or add these to the PATH variable of your system:

  • C:\Users\USERNAME\Anaconda-dir

  • C:\Users\USERNAME\Anaconda-dir\Scripts