Frequently Asked Questions / Troubleshooting

Album installation

The installation Wizard appears to not having started (Windows)

The Wizard will run in the background and might take some minutes on some systems to install Album.

The installation of Album via the Install Wizard asks for administrator permissions (Windows)

For now you should be able to simply deny this request. The reason for this behaviour is that the Wizard is running the Micromamba init call to add the Album Micromamba installation to the environment variables of the system in order to enable Album usage from the command line. The next Wizard version will fix this.

The installation of Album via the Install Wizard fails due to network issues (all OS)

Some environments have network security/firewall settings that prevent pip from downloading resources, which is needed for the Wizard to properly install Album. Please adjust your network settings in this case.

Individual Album solution installation

Simultaneous installation of multiple solutions fails (all OS)

Installing solutions in parallel is currently supported in the current version. Please install solutions consecutively.

Solution installation fails due to missing git command (all OS)

Some solutions may require git to download and install packages. Please install git for your system (see for instance here).

Tensorboard triggers antivirus alerts (Windows)

Some solutions that use tensorboard (e.g. involving deep learning) might trigger the antivirus scanner. Please add tensorboard to the list of safe applications in this case.