Album Docker

Containerize your Album solutions

This plugin is used to create docker images from solutions. The images can be used to run Album solutions in a docker container.


  1. Install Docker on your system. For more information see the Docker documentation.

  2. Install Album.

  3. Activate the Album environment: If you installed Album with the Album installation wizard use one of the following commands to activate your Album environment:

    micromamba activate -p ~/.album/envs/album

    If you installed Album manually use following command:

    conda activate album
  4. Install the Album docker plugin:

pip install


To create a docker image from a solution run following command:

album docker --solution /path/to/your/  --output /your/output/path


album docker --solution group:name:version --output_path /your/output/path

Input parameter:

  • solution: The Album file which should be run inside a container. If you provide the path to a all files in the directory will be packaged into the docker image and therefore will be available inside a container created by this image.

  • output: The path where the solution_name_image.tar archive will be saved.


In your output path you will now find an solution_name_image.tar archive which can be loaded into a docker container with the following command:

docker load -i /path/to/image.tar

You can now run the solution inside a container with the following command:

docker run -it --rm -t group_name_version